sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2007

Nobody lives without a love!

I'd like to dedicate these words to my sweet love:
Now I'm here... by myself... I'm waiting for you but I know that you won't come back to me at this moment. Please my love, tell me what must I do without seeing you! Since you went away, nothing else matters to me. I can't forget you. Everybody says that a great love only may be forgotten when a new love appears. I can not forget you because my heart says to me that I'll not love anybody as I loved you.

However I know (maybe) one day you'll come back to me because another love like mine you'll never find around the world. Nobody lives without falling in love. Nobody lives without a love!

Inspired on a Brazilian song named "Ninguém vive sem amor", composed by Almir Bezerra and performed by The Fevers.

2 comentários:

elilson disse...

Nobody Want´s to be lonely!

Valdeline disse...

"We are the poets, we are the dreamers
We are the soldiers, we are the screamers
We are the fallen to rise again
We are the lovers, we are cynics
We are the hours, we are the minutes".

[Angels and Heroes - Brian Littrell]